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Brian Michael Bendis is resurrecting one of DC's classic superhero teams for a brand new generation, and he hopes you'll come along for the ride... [Read More]
Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a continuation of the classic '80s animated series. [Read More]
Available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Rainbow Six Siege is about to receive its next expansion of Operators. [Read More]
Available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Rainbow Six Siege is about to receive its next expansion of Operators. [Read More]
The Phantom Thieves will return in Spring 2020. [Read More]
Mary Kish and Mike Mahardy face down a charging alligator together, and Mike definitely doesn't lead Mary into any dangerous situations this week. [Read More]
The Phantom Thieves will return in Spring 2020. [Read More]
The Xbox One and PC racing game is entering its "End of Life" status very soon. [Read More]
Following a controversy over exclusive Apex Legends cosmetics being prohibitively expensive, the team at Respawn is admitting fault and trying to set things right. [Read More]
The Water Festival is returning to Pokemon Go and bringing with it two shiny Pokemon variants. [Read More]
Tetris 99's latest in-game competition kicks off on August 23, and if you earn enough points, you'll unlock a special Fire Emblem theme for the... [Read More]
New Line Cinema announces who will play three major roles in the movie, while casting for Raiden is almost confirmed. [Read More]
Dave breaks down Rick and Morty Season 2, Episode 3 - Auto Erotic Assimilation. [Read More]
A Washington State patrolman found a driver pulled over with a special foam cutout to facilitate playing multiple Pokemon Go games. [Read More]
Double Fine's take on the post-post-apocalypse has a good couple of heads on its shoulders, but it's not quite the warrior of the wasteland it... [Read More]
Trade in your old Switch at GameStop and you can get the newer model for cheap. [Read More]
FIFA 20's getting female managers, dynamic negotiations, and the most compelling upgrade in years. [Read More]
Obi-Will or Obi-Won't? [Read More]
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will show new footage and get a "special announcement" as part of the European games convention taking place soon. [Read More]
Battle Pass owners will need to spray a fountain, crane, and vending machine. Here's where to go to quickly complete the challenge. Captured on PC. [Read More]
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