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Hanukkah is all about lighting up. [Read More]
They're making a list and checking it twice — the retailers that say the inclusive "Happy Holidays" are naughty …And that's where you should shop. [Read More]
They're making a list and checking it twice — the retailers that say the inclusive "Happy Holidays" are naughty …And that's where you should shop. [Read More]
A German father started a petition to get Amazon and Lego to take action to stop the sale of the sets, which are remade from... [Read More]
Do crispy, hot, delicious latkes go best with apple sauce, sour cream, or by themselves? [Read More]
How should the United States regulate the Internet? [Read More]
Omarosa Manigault-Newman left the White House under dramatic circumstances this week. Less noticed: Her openness to a man accused of anti-Semitism. [Read More]
Siebenberg described the free fall as "another nice experience." [Read More]
"Anti-Semitic thinking and stereotyping are very common…even among those who emphasize that they 'respect' Judaism." [Read More]
Undercover Israeli agents are known as "Mistaravim" or "wearing Arab disguise." [Read More]
On Hanukkah 2012, a bloodbath took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This year, we must fight to prevent more senseless gun violence. [Read More]
Hanukkah is in desperate need of a 21st Century makeover. [Read More]
American Jews have to understand that Israelis could care less about the Women of the Wall and the status of the Kotel. [Read More]
As a lesbian rabbi and leader of the Reconstructionist movement, the gender gap at Jewish non-profits is profoundly familiar to me. [Read More]
Broadening the range of voices in our union is no barrier to campaigning on positions held by the overwhelming majority of Jewish students. [Read More]
The Los Angeles-based Kaballah Centre, long popular with (non-Jewish) celebrities like Madonna, is rebranding again. [Read More]
The Kaballah Centre is totally revamping their website and launching a mobile app. [Read More]
Siebenberg described the free fall as "another nice experience." [Read More]
What do you get the Jew who has everything? A present they probably don't need but will at least make 'em smile. [Read More]
Formerly Orthodox Jews leaving Haredi Judaism don't simply or completely jettison the attitudes of their upbringing regarding liberal Judaism. [Read More]
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