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From new museums to major, summer-long events, the UK is gearing up for a series of bumper cultural events and happenings taking place throughout 2018.... [Read More]
If you have a Food Lover on your Holiday Gift List, these are great picks that have all been personally tested and approved. [Read More]
Aside from meeting standards of fairness, there is a strong argument to be made from an economic point of view for diversity in corporate leadership. [Read More]
Scientists have found strong evidence that 2018 will see a big uptick in the number of large earthquakes globally. [Read More]
The more precisely we can measure marketing, the more uncertainty surrounds consumer behavior. [Read More]
Australian-based beef pie company Four'N Twenty has signed a multi-year partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers, making it the 1st international partner for the NBA franchise. [Read More]
Professors at public universities have an obligation to respect the free speech rights of students. One who did not and obliterated students' chalked pro-life messages... [Read More]
Today's highly connected consumers expect instant gratification. Brian Solis explains how brands can gain a competitive advantage by optimizing mobile experiences to deliver real-time value... [Read More]
Better tooling and automation are thus important enablers of DevSecOps, but more important is including security considerations in the DevOps effort broadly – and by... [Read More]
On this edition of the #BytesChat, we explore the state and future of video competition, which serves as a useful backdrop to evaluate the competitive... [Read More]
Companies today are strategizing about future investments and technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, or growth around new business models. [Read More]
If you're flying for the Thanksgiving holidays this week be sure to pack your patience. It's that crazy time of year again when 51 million... [Read More]
Flipboard is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to deepen its analysis of popular news themes. [Read More]
Meanwhile, as artificial intelligence becomes more of a thing, one wonders, will our new robotic banker overlords feel guilt? Cartoon by Ted Rall. [Read More]
What we really mean when we talk about "human design." [Read More]
Jann Wenner, founder of the iconic music magazine Rolling Stone, put his 51% stake in the business up for sale in September. While an auction... [Read More]
The story of Hanna Bohman, the Canadian woman who joined the 10,000-strong Kurdish women's unit fighting ISIS. [Read More]
Management must become more agile and adaptive if society is to prosper... [Read More]
Plenty of fund managers believe equity markets are overvalued, but they are still allocating there. Is it a sign of 'irrational exuberance'? Or simply a... [Read More]
Although there's work to be done to catch up with the global leaders, regional players are increasingly investing in on MENA startup ecosystem... [Read More]
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