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Asserting facts is not simple: It is often a way of signaling broader religious, moral, or political allegiance. [Read More]
The Apple Watch has called for emergency help, warned of dangerous heart rates, and even anticipated seizures. Can it help solve an international mystery? [Read More]
The city of Houston suspected that many people in need after Harvey weren't getting aid from the federal government, so they contracted with Civis Analytics... [Read More]
The city of Houston suspected that many people in need after Harvey weren't getting aid from the federal government, so they contracted with Civis Analytics... [Read More]
The pint-sized, $250 robot doesn't do much yet, but it's endearing. [Read More]
Ultimately, there are two things that employees care about: their own future, and the company's future. [Read More]
Ultimately, there are two things that employees care about: their own future, and the company's future. [Read More]
The streaming-TV startup has roughly 250,000 subscribers, far behind DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and others. [Read More]
But the artist still made less than either global corporation. [Read More]
The makers of a DIY phone kit think building your own not-so-smart phone could foster a healthier relationship to screens. [Read More]
Now that Elizabeth Warren has proven her Native American ancestry, Donald Trump denies that he ever offered donating a million dollars to a charity of... [Read More]
Extreme weather could cause the global beer supply to drop by around 16%. [Read More]
Sarah LaFleur, founder and CEO of MM.LaFleur, and Rebecca Minkoff, cofounder and creative director of Rebecca Minkoff, discuss what helps make each of their brands... [Read More]
After his most recent investment in Palm, the NBA star sits down with us to build a dream company with dream executives all from the... [Read More]
In his latest film The Oath, the former Mindy Project and Mad TV star both directs and writes a political satire inspired by the Trump... [Read More]
Celebrities, athletes, and companies are in a unique position to speak out to their (hundreds of) millions of supporters on politics and other issues, even... [Read More]
David Bradley was one of 12 engineers who developed the first IBM PCs. And he left his mark. [Read More]
"Project Aero" provides connective tissue between creative tools such as Photoshop and the devices people use to consume AR experiences. [Read More]
Adobe has finally decided what Photoshop should be like on the iPad, and the news is good. [Read More]
Latinx leaders are still relatively scarce, but those we spoke to are blazing a trail for others to follow. [Read More]
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