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Searching for "Tucker Carlson"
Democrats refusal to make a rational case for their own program has accelerated their own collapse. [Read More]
On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson anticipates the approaching caravan of over 1000 Hondurans seeking U.S. asylum. Then later, Tucker discusses the demand to rescind Senator Susan... [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren has used her fake Indian heritage to frame herself as somebody affected by America's sad history of racial discrimination. Warren posed as a victim... [Read More]
On Monday, Tucker Carlson inspects the DNA test results of Senator Elizabeth Warren that undermines her claim of Native American heritage. Then later, Tucker delves... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson said Monday that attorney Michael Avenatti -- whom he dubbed "the Creepy Porn Lawyer" -- may have to pay President Donald Trump's attorneys'... [Read More]
The crack political team over at The Washington Post, our daily local newspaper, has uncovered a brand new species of fake news they think you... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton and the Washington Post appear to be denying the prominence of what he called the "shock troops" that... [Read More]
History means nothing to revolutionaries.... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson offered his "takeaways" on the "Democrats' defeat" regarding Justice Brett Kavanaugh's successful nomination to the Supreme Court. [Read More]
Minnesota Democrats wrap up investigation into abuse allegations against Keith Ellison; new attorney for Karen Monahan, Andrew Parker, discusses the accusations on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'... [Read More]
Sources say lawyer for Clinton campaign and DNC gave FBI documents for Russia investigation; Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch reacts on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'... [Read More]
Was there witness tampering in the Kavanaugh allegations? Former communications director for Senator Harry Reid, Jon Summers, weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'... [Read More]
On Thursday, Tucker Carlson uncovers the left's display of hypocrisy after the FBI fails to corroborate the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. Then later, Tucker... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson engaged in a heated debate with a top official at the American Civil Liberties Union over an anti-Kavanaugh television ad that compared the... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson said Thursday that, if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Americans can expect the Democrats' ongoing "full assault on the... [Read More]
There were news stories in the past week besides Brett Kavanaugh. But did anybody notice them? [Read More]
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