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Searching for "Shannon Bream"
On Friday, Shannon Bream hosts the show as North Korea is back in the forefront as a representative is visiting to discuss a February summit,... [Read More]
On Thursday, Shannon Bream reports on President Trump canceling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's overseas trip, after she tried to delay his State of the Union... [Read More]
'Fox News @ Night' anchor Shannon Bream examines where the abortion fight stands right now. [Read More]
On Tuesday, Shannon Bream reports a new caravan consisting over 2,000 migrants is heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border. Then Shannon covers the Democratic National Committee... [Read More]
Senate Democrats pressed William Barr over an unsolicited memo he sent the Justice Department criticizing the special counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into whether President Trump... [Read More]
On Monday, Shannon Bream reports House Democrats are considering to subpoena the interpreter who was in the private meeting between President Trump and Russian President... [Read More]
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