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Searching for "Robert Lee"
Asian civil rights group does not believe ESPN did announcer Robert Lee any favors with its PC hypersensitivity by removing him from a game #Tucker... [Read More]
Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry told Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday that the network's decision to remove announcer Robert Lee from play-by-play duty for... [Read More]
CNN's Don Lemon accused President Trump Tuesday night of "clearly trying to ignite a civil war" while hosting a panel discussion that repeatedly questioned the... [Read More]
Fox Sports 1 anchor sounds off on Robert Lee vs Robert E. Lee ESPN controversy, saying the story is a fear of Twitter-driven story #Tucker... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson almost didn't report on the ESPN-Robert Lee story on Tuesday night because he found it hard to believe that the left had become... [Read More]
The decision to pull announcer Robert Lee from a broadcast out of fear of cultural insensitivity it just the latest in questionable decisions and alleged... [Read More]
The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports removed Robert Lee from calling a UVa game; Howard Kurtz has the latest for 'Special Report'... [Read More]
Fox411: ESPN's decision to pull announcer Robert Lee from the University of Virginia's football season opener because he has the same name as Confederate Gen.... [Read More]
ESPN's decision to remove broadcaster Robert Lee from Virginia's season opener because he has the same name as Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee backfired. [Read More]
ESPN pulled a veteran college football announcer from the season-opener between the University of Virginia and William & Mary because of the announcer's name –... [Read More]
Dan Bongino said the Left has "finally reached peak stupid" after ESPN pulled an announcer simply because his name was the same as a Confederate... [Read More]
Some news stories are so insane that the first reaction has to be disbelief. [Read More]
ESPN's decision to remove broadcaster Robert Lee from Virginia's season opener because he has the same name as Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee backfired. [Read More]
Panel reacts to network's move, Cleveland Browns players kneel during national anthem... [Read More]
Panel reacts to network's move, Cleveland Browns players kneel during national anthem... [Read More]
Sportscaster pulled from air due to concerns his name would be considered offensive... [Read More]
ESPN recently targeted an Asian American for re-assignment due to the possibility that his name, Robert Lee, might offend black Americans. [Read More]
Asian-American announcer ditched from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general's name... [Read More]
ESPN has decided to pull an announcer named Robert Lee from calling an upcoming University of Virginia-College of William and Mary football game because his... [Read More]
Political correctness reaches new lows and heights of absurdity. But here's the kicker: the ESPN announcer named Robert Lee is Asian... [Read More]
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