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President Trump said he had a "great conversation" with the Danish prime minister three days after canceling a planned visit to the country next month over... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Fox News @ Night', Shannon Bream reports on President Trump demanding American companies to pull their businesses from China; meanwhile, Justice... [Read More]
President Trump extended an offer of aid to Brazil's president on Friday should the government of the South American nation need help containing massive forest fires sweeping... [Read More]
President Trump slammed CNN on Friday night after the network announced that it had hired controversial ex-FBI official Andrew McCabe as a contributor, calling the... [Read More]
Trump addresses reporters as he departs the White House for G7 summit in France. [Read More]
The far-left faction of the Democratic Party is "doing a lot of damage" to the party's 2020 election hopes by potentially discouraging moderate voters -- many... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'The Story', Martha speaks with Sen. Lindsey Graham on President Trump's tariff increase against China; plus, new details surrounding former Overstock... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Special Report', Bret unpacks the U.S.-China trade war as stocks plummet over China tariffs and President Trump's tweets; plus, Bret speaks... [Read More]
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham says President Trump has a good hand in the trade war with China and should 'play it out.'... [Read More]
President Trump should keep up his strong economic stance against China and continue to push for trade negotiations that will lead to a more even playing field,... [Read More]
Highlight from a busy week across American and around the world. [Read More]
President Trump announces his administration will retaliate against China by raising tariffs on Chinese imports amid a bitter trade war between the two countries; reaction... [Read More]
Trump escalates the trade fight between the U.S. and China, rips Federal Reserve President Jay Powell; Rich Edson reports from the White House. [Read More]
Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is not happy that a top House Democrat seemed to accuse her -- along with President Trump -- of spreading... [Read More]
To the chagrin of President Trump's critics, it turns out that his administration's pragmatic approach to the environment has provided a clearly measurable boost to... [Read More]
President Trump announced on Twitter Friday that his administration will retaliate against China by raising on imports from the Asian nation amid a bitter trade war between the... [Read More]
Republican gubernatorial candidates are battling over conservative support ahead of a Mississippi run-off. Whichever candidate wins could be the driver in determing President Trump's effectiveness... [Read More]
Ed Rensi says President Trump is doing what's best for the United States. [Read More]
CNN and MSNBC had strong reactions Friday to President Trump's tweet placing blame for the massive drop in the stock market on Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass. [Read More]
President Trump joked on Twitter that "perhaps" the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 500 points on Friday because Rep. Seth Moulton dropped out... [Read More]
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