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Searching for "Joe Biden"
President Obama didn't want his former vice president, Joe Biden, to run for president because he worried Biden might ruin his legacy, Fox Nation host... [Read More]
Report: Joe Biden allies considering scaling back campaign appearances to limit gaffes. [Read More]
Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy weigh in on reports from the New York Times that former President Obama tried to talk Joe Biden out... [Read More]
After staying on the sidelines, former President Barack Obama appears to be wading into 2020 politics. [Read More]
Gaffe-prone Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden reportedly added another factual blunder to his list Friday. [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Gregg Jarrett reacts to Jeffrey Epstein's death being ruled a suicide amid a multitude of uncertainties; plus, former President Barack... [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 candidacy is supported in part by the essence of the Obama presidency, according to Buck Sexton. [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama repeatedly expressed his doubts about former Vice President Joe Biden running in 2020, telling him that he didn't "have to do this." [Read More]
Sen. Elizabeth Warren passes Sen. Bernie Sanders for the second spot behind frontrunner Joe Biden in the 2020 Democrat primary race, according to a new... [Read More]
Older Democrats favor Joe Biden while younger Democrats favor Elizabeth Warren, says Fox News contributor Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff for President George... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Sean Hannity criticizes Sen. Kamala Harris for politicizing an hours long standoff between Police and a shooter in Philadelphia; plus,... [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 Democratic presidential bid may meet the same end as his last two attempts to win the White House, according to... [Read More]
Former Vice President Biden has an 11-point lead over Sen. Elizabeth Warren. [Read More]
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced Thursday that he is probing the Obama administration's 2015 decision to approve the sale of a sensitive U.S. technology... [Read More]
In the first major shakeup to the lineup, Elizabeth Warren moves ahead of Bernie Sanders to claim second place behind Joe Biden in the Democratic... [Read More]
David Axelrod, a former top adviser to President Obama, seemed incensed on Thursday after seeing a report that some of former Vice President Joe Biden's... [Read More]
Joe Biden has always been a gaffe machine—and that's his defense. [Read More]
In a 1976 speech in Idaho, then-Sen. Joe Biden said the U.S. criminal justice system should stress punishment rather than rehabilitation -- a direct contradiction to... [Read More]
Former Vice President Joe Biden is well suited to take on President Trump in Pennsylvania -- where the commander-in-chief was visiting Tuesday, according to Liz... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders tangles with The Washington Post while Joe Biden's campaign trail gaffes become a growing concern. Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer... [Read More]
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