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Statewide recounts underway in Senate and governor's races; reaction and analysis from the 'Special Report' All-Stars. [Read More]
On SNL last Saturday, comic Pete Davidson apologized to congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw for mocking his war wound. [Read More]
Democrats ask for Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to recuse himself from Russia probe; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports. [Read More]
French President Emmanuel Macron used the anniversary of the end of World War I to criticize President Trump's America-first agenda and self-proclaimed nationalism; Kevin Corke... [Read More]
Former Infowars Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi said in a livestream on Monday that he expects to be indicted soon for perjury in Special Counsel... [Read More]
"90 Day Fiancé" star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was reportedly arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas on Saturday, according to multiple outlets. ... [Read More]
A dangerous trend of speech codes is extending into every part of our lives; reaction from Monica Crowley, Washington Times senior opinion columnist. [Read More]
It was so popular, it morphed from a one-off orgy vacation into a year-round sex tourism empire. [Read More]
New focus on caravan of Central American migrants as it reaches half-way point to U.S. southern border; reaction from Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd. [Read More]
"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek weighed in on the #MeToo campaign in a lengthy interview published Monday, saying that the movement against sexual harassment and assault... [Read More]
Tech stocks, financials lead market lower as Apple parts supplier issues profit warning. [Read More]
Palestinian militants fire rockets into southern Israel; Trey Yingst reports from Sderot, Israel. [Read More]
Hania Noelia Aguilar has been missing since she was kidnapped outside her home in Lumberton, North Carolina last Monday, but a recently released surveillance video... [Read More]
President Trump is spending Monday at the White House and had no plans to visit Arlington National Cemetery in northern Virginia as America observes the... [Read More]
A Wendy's customer who accused restaurant staff of calling him "chubby" has since received an outpouring of support, including from the family members of an... [Read More]
Told to evacuate from the hospital where she was working, surgical nurse Nichole Jolly was forced to make a choice when her car started filling... [Read More]
Stan Lee, the comic book mastermind who changed the landscape of the superhero genre, has died at age 95. Lee revolutionized the comic world by... [Read More]
Retired Gen. Jack Keane blasted French President Emmanuel Macron for comments he made over the weekend that were seen as a veiled shot at President... [Read More]
Campaign manager for Democrat Stacey Abrams says Georgia's gubernatorial race is 'still too close to call'; Steve Harrigan reports from Atlanta. [Read More]
Fox Business Network announced on Monday a new weekly show hosted by The Wall Street Journal's Editor-at-Large Gerry Baker that is scheduled to debut on Friday, No.... [Read More]
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