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California Democrat Rep. John Garamendi says President Trump's comments at his North Carolina rally about the 'squad' are reprehensible. [Read More]
The FDA is warning the stimulant 'Big Penis' has a hidden drug ingredient. [Read More]
John Yoo says he's not surprised that Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail because of how serious his charges of sexual-trafficking conspiracy are. [Read More]
The documents include Michael Cohen's emails, cell phone and bank records involving fraudulent behavior with his taxi business, financial loans and payoffs to two women... [Read More]
Passage of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement and cutting interest rates are the two things needed for the next leg of the Trump economy, says White... [Read More]
Protests turn violent after thousands of Puerto Ricans gather in the streets to demand the governor's resignation; Jeff Paul reports from the scene. [Read More]
Some hikers and tourists are upset with Beyonce after the superstar shut down an exclusive and highly sought after part of the Grand Canyon in... [Read More]
Mariah Carey claimed that she "felt like a prisoner" in her first marriage to Sony exec Tommy Mottola, and now one of her producers corroborates... [Read More]
Free Wi-Fi is irresistible for many travelers but it carries risks. [Read More]
David Duval's first round at the Open Championship on Thursday was one to forget. [Read More]
Scherie Murray says she wants to build bridges, not burn them like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She touts her record of success in the community and says... [Read More]
A polyamorous 'throuple' fired back at critics of their relationship saying, 'we come from a different schools of thought.'... [Read More]
Border officials insist that while the facilities are overwhelmed, the conditions are humane; Mark Meredith reports on the immigration hearing. [Read More]
Iran's Revolutionary Guard claims the vessel was caught trying to smuggle Iranian oil to foreign ships; Trey Yingst reports. [Read More]
Dr. Bill Bennett says President Trump needs to 'depersonalize' and stick more to talking about policy. [Read More]
A new law passed in Berkeley, California would rename words like 'manhole' to 'maintenance hole'; Christina Coleman has the details. [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign is targeting rival Democratic presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris over the her repeated insistence that she's "not prepared to engage in... [Read More]
Dwight Howard on Wednesday opened up about in an incident with former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant in an interview on FOX Sports 1. [Read More]
The iconic images of the Eagle Lunar Module's descent to the Moon rank among the most incredible footage ever recorded. [Read More]
Dr. Drew Pinsky criticized public officials, Thursday, for failing to tackle the mounting homeless crisis and trash-covered streets that have overtaken Los Angeles,... [Read More]
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