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Secrets are at risk of being exposed, and even with all the people trying to cover them up, it may not be enough. [Read More]
Jane hosts a launch party for her book that leads to a relationship epiphany, and a familiar face meets a gruesome end. [Read More]
After a significant search with several major names under consideration, the anthology thriller has tapped Carmen Ejogo to star alongside Mahershala Ali. [Read More]
[gallery size="medium" [Read More]
"I dispute these reckless allegations and I plan to cooperate with any corporate inquiries that may result," Ryan Seacrest said in a statement on Friday... [Read More]
Actress Aurora Perrineau made the claims against Murray Miller. [Read More]
While an elusive bomber plans another attack, more secrets are revealed about the FBI team. [Read More]
Rebecca gets a diagnosis and Valencia gets a little Dear Evan Hansen... [Read More]
Colin O'Donoghue and Rose Reynolds react to that big reveal and tease what's next... [Read More]
Executive producer Martin Gero breaks down Jane's surprising news. [Read More]
Sebastian Lelio's rapturous drama is as fluid, engaging, beautiful, and dynamic as its leading lady. [Read More]
In which we learn exactly what kinds of crimes Punisher and Micro committed for their government — and why they're thirsting for revenge... [Read More]
'The Four: Battle for Stardom' premieres Jan. 4. [Read More]
Get ready for more Shemar Moore... [Read More]
The season 16 winner tells EW what happened before, during, and after the final runway show. [Read More]
The 'Fight Club' author reflects on what he meant using the term that has now become the internet's favorite insult... [Read More]
Our Lady J also urges that the show continue without Tambor: 'We cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.'... [Read More]
'Saturday Night Live' released three new promos with this weekend's host and musical guest. [Read More]
Peter Capaldi, David Bradley, and Mark Gatiss star in episode... [Read More]
As an Academy Award winning actress, director, and activist, Angelina Jolie has quite the body of work to her credit.…... [Read More]
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