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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is extending the public comment period for recently released neonicotinoid insecticide risk assessments from February 20, 2018, to April... [Read More]
This workshop will solicit individual stakeholder views related to non-regulatory performance targets for air sensors that measure PM2.5 and ozone in the United States. [Read More]
Report #18-P-0080, February 15, 2018. Revisions to the standard are intended to reduce exposure to pesticides and provide enhanced protection to agricultural workers, pesticide handlers... [Read More]
Learn about the benefits of EPA's UST program in preventing and cleaning up UST releases. [Read More]
Report #18-P-0079, February 13, 2018. Improvements in developing and monitoring FIFRA compliance inspection work plans support effective and efficient use of enforcement funding and risk... [Read More]
EPA News Release: U.S. EPA Awards More Than $90,000 to Protect Children's Health along the U.S.-Mexico Border... [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA FY 2019 Budget Proposal Released... [Read More]
EPA News Release: Administrator Pruitt Participates in White House Infrastructure Initiative Roundtable... [Read More]
Summary of EPA's enforcement results and accomplishments for fiscal year 2016. [Read More]
U.S.Exporters of Hazardous Waste to Canada Need to Submit Export Notices to EPA by March 30, 2018. [Read More]
Enforcement accomplishments for fiscal year 2017, shown as dollar value of environmental benefits achieved, number of enforcement actions, civil and criminal case statistics. [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA Announces 2017 Annual Environmental Enforcement Results... [Read More]
This page discusses the projected climate change impacts on U.S. human health. [Read More]
This page provides content on the NHSM rule prposal realed in october of 2016. EPA will add 3 materials to the list of categorical non-waste... [Read More]
RESTORE Gulf of Mexico Conservation Enhancement Grants Program Request for Proposals... [Read More]
Computational Toxicology COP featuring Steven Simmons from NCCT. [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA Administrator Pruitt Invites the Nation's Leaders to Join EPA Efforts to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposure... [Read More]
Administrator Pruitt has formally invited members of the President's Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks to Children to participate in a meeting... [Read More]
The contact us form for the Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids topic at EPA. [Read More]
EPA developed a cross-walk in coordination with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assist facilities in comparing OSHA's physical and health hazards. [Read More]
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