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Among many other things, EPA's Research Triangle Park scientists simulate many different types of air pollution under varying meteorological conditions and study the health effects... [Read More]
Informe #17-P-0402, 25 de sept de 2017 . La Región 2 pudo haber utilizado ineficientemente más de $217,000 en fondos públicos al no confirmar que... [Read More]
Project #OPE-FY17-0023, November 16, 2017. The EPA OIG plans to begin preliminary research to examine aspects of the EPA's management of abandoned uranium mine sites... [Read More]
environmental economics seminar, exposure to ozone and particulate matter... [Read More]
November 16, 2017. The EPA OIG plans to begin its audit of CSB's compliance with improper payments legislation. [Read More]
Report #18-F-0040, November 15, 2017. The CSB received an unmodified opinion on its fiscal years 2017 and 2016 financial statements. [Read More]
Report #18-F-0039, November 15, 2017. We found the EPA's financial statements to be fairly presented and free of material misstatements. [Read More]
The Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) Cooperative Agreement Program provides financial assistance to eligible organizations working on or planning to work on projects to address... [Read More]
Highlighting research from the Human and Ecological Health Impacts Associated with Water Reuse and Conservation Practices and National Priorities:... [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA Celebrates Recycling Progress and Economic Contribution on 20th America Recycles Day... [Read More]
Report #18-P-0038, November 15, 2017. Without improving its acquisition planning process, the EPA may continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on high-risk contracts... [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA Hurricane Maria Update for Tuesday, November 14... [Read More]
EPA's efforts to protect human health and the environment of federally recognized Tribes by supporting implementation of federal environmental laws consistent with the federal trust... [Read More]
Gallery for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Site Spotlight... [Read More]
EPA's Superfund Site Profiles... [Read More]
EPA News Release: EPA News Advisory Northern California Fires Response Update — November 10, 2017... [Read More]
This provides an overview of and links to the different types of regulatory actions EPA takes under the Toxic Substances Control Act Section 5. [Read More]
Report #18-P-0037, November 9, 2017. The DATA Act requires the EPA to report and display accurate financial and award data on USASpending.gov. [Read More]
Access downloadable files containing data from all TRI reporting years updated to include any withdrawals or revisions received by EPA. [Read More]
Toxic equivalents (TEQs) allow for a better understanding of the toxicity of releases and waste management activities at facilities that report to the TRI Program. [Read More]
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