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Internet users are fighting back after Congress voted to block Obama-administration internet privacy protections.Two fundraising campaigns have so far raised more than $215,000 to purchase... [Read More]
SpaceX is set to launch its first previously-flown first-stage rocket booster Thursday. [Read More]
In a lab in the Peruvian capital of Lima, a simulator mimicking the harsh conditions found on Mars now contains a hint of life:... [Read More]
Netflix is promoting season three of the Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda comedy with the tagline "Good Vibes." [Read More]
Scientists recreated a vagina, uterus, cervix, liver and fallopian tubes with human tissue... [Read More]
Israel prepares for next war with Hezbollah in mock village... [Read More]
A mother of a teenage girl showed up at Carol City Senior High School, knocked a cell phone out of another teen's hand and hit... [Read More]
And there's no bipartisan 'gang' this time to save it from itself. [Read More]
A Dutch startup has unveiled its weapon against dog poo in the Netherlands - drones. An aerial drone locates the feces with thermal technology and... [Read More]
More than 100,000 people are members of vile 'banter groups', which provide a forum for cyberbullies... [Read More]
Candidates to lead Canada's Conservative Party advocate drastic steps to stem the flow. [Read More]
A pilot died after having a medical episode on a flight landing at the Albuquerque International Sunport Wednesday evening, according to American Airlines. "American Airlines is... [Read More]
Turkey expected a honeymoon with President Donald Trump. Instead, it increasingly looks like Ankara and Washington are heading for a squabble, if not a divorce. [Read More]
The tequila-loving nation has roped in the help of an American marketing company to create the cloud and are now hoping tourist flood the country... [Read More]
Dina Powell is the Trump administration's Ms. Fix-It.The deputy national security adviser for strategy, one of the few White House aides with extensive experience in... [Read More]
The rising TV starlet might have run afoul of social conservatives. But with her wide reach and trademark sass, her future could be positively Trumpian. [Read More]
Emergency workers were left stunned when they found the dead bull shark in a puddle as they carried out inspections following Cyclone Debbie... [Read More]
As more fans cut the cord and go mobile, the network is busy protecting its cable-TV money machine. [Read More]
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