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As excited as I get about the potentiality of psychedelic drugs, I get far more amped about pushing the boundaries of dreams as I'm not... [Read More]
Another way of putting that would be, is all weed space weed? According to some shamanic cultures, the answer is resoundingly yes. For the amount... [Read More]
Okay, I really wouldn't call this a definitive guide, more like a list and a link to an article. Am I partially posting this because... [Read More]
Chaos Shamanism Episode 2 – Calamities (Saturn Comes Back Around) As a bit of an introduction to myself and the things which led to the... [Read More]
Our guest on this episode of The PRAGMAGICK Cast, GABRIEL HART (Jail Weddings) believes "Saudade" is the essence of the creative process. His new book... [Read More]
Do you like podcasts that involve chatting with omni-dimensional creator gods and psychically exploring poltergeist phenomenon? Well, you're in luck. Also, I'm pretty sure we... [Read More]
Who doesn't want to feast on some tasty Alan Moore vs. David Lynch beef? Okay, really just a bit of a scathing critique. In my... [Read More]
I've stated publicly that I think last year's tax plan was straight up worse than the Iraq war and probably a bigger threat to the... [Read More]
I'm just going to re-iterate again that if you honestly think the sometimes annoying nature of overly commercialized social justice culture somehow poses any real danger... [Read More]
"But I'm a Champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph Make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire." -Kayne G_d extended his melanated... [Read More] Related... [Read More]
It's always simultaneously depressing and awesome when something excessively cool finally ends up on YouTube. On one hand you can watch it for free, on... [Read More]
"THE VORPAL REPORT" IN THE TEMZ REVIEW by Robert Guffey on August 7 via Cryptoscatology: My new (Lewis-Carroll-inspired) novelette "The Vorpal Report" has just been... [Read More]
This week in weird esoteric references in pop culture: You know that thing where you've had a couple drinks and your wife insists on listening... [Read More]
Over a decade ago, I discovered that I could communicate with nonphysical beings via Clairsentience. So many remarkable, terrifying, and wonderful things have happened in... [Read More]
I was actually just thinking over the weekend about how if some philanthropic billionaire gave a shit, they could easily wage a PR campaign designed... [Read More]
Join us as we chat about the mind bogglingly weird and totally provable synchronicity that happened just before we recorded this podcast. Oh, and weed... [Read More]
There's an adage in magick circles that you shouldn't talk about this stuff openly. I don't agree with that entirely (obviously), but I also absolutely... [Read More]
This is one of those articles where a lot of people would read it and go, oh wow, science-y stuff that's completely over my head.... [Read More]
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