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Carly Pearce, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and More Share Their First Fan Encounters... [Read More]
Fans at San Diego Comic-Con got the first look at this trailer, but did they get to pause and count the individual polar bear hairs?... [Read More]
How does a lobster wind up with the Pepsi logo "tattooed" on its shell? A question no one imagined they would be trying to answer.... [Read More]
"This is a bad idea." [Read More]
We're a little too spooked now, but we'll be ready for a trip back to Derry by the time the movie comes out on September... [Read More]
Those who witnessed Chappaquiddick firsthand recall how Ted Kennedy escaped punishment: "The Kennedy Machine Buried What Really Happened" [Read More]
Volunteering for Life on Mars, or Something Like it ... [Read More]
The men primarily responsible for Game of Thrones won't be attending San Diego Comic-Con after all. David Benioff and DB Weiss have pulled out of... [Read More]
We didn't really need a sequel but Hollywood has a way of insisting we get one. But hey, at least it's thrilling to look at. [Read More]
The cast on this thing is absolutely incredible and the animation is absolutely... something. [Read More]
You know this is going to be a wild ride when the trailer introduces pixelated genitals within the first few seconds. [Read More]
"Men look for sex and find love; women look for love and in the process find sex," counsels Evan Marc Katz, a 46-year-old dating coach... [Read More]
Bill Kaysing called the Apollo mission to land a man on the moon a hoax, and millions of Americans came to believe him. [Read More]
Personal-finance gurus really hate coffee. [Read More]
According to the video's maker, it contains 314 different voice recordings and took him about two weeks to complete. That's dedication. [Read More]
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