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The quarterback controversy of this past week was Bills coach Sean McDermott getting an itchy trigger finger and benching an underwhelming-if-not-terrible Tyrod Taylor. Taylor was... [Read More]
In the third quarter of today's Skins-Saints tilt in New Orleans, Washington running back Chris Thompson was engaged blocking on a Kirk Cousins run when... [Read More]
Drew Brees and the ascendent New Orleans Saints were having a decidedly "meh" game for most of the day against Washington. They weren't getting completely... [Read More]
So far this season, only one team had held the Los Angeles Rams to fewer than 20 points—the Seattle Seahawks. Since that blip of a... [Read More]
Word started to spread Sunday morning that the Philadelphia 76ers would be sharing an update on the injury status of young Markelle Fultz, and that... [Read More]
This throw from Joe Flacco looks extremely ill-advised on first glance, with Green Bay's Damarious Randall giving no space and covering Mike Wallace perfectly as... [Read More]
Samantha Ponder replaced Chris Berman this year as host of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, where she shares a set with Rex Ryan, Randy Moss,... [Read More]
With one game remaining in what could become the program's second straight losing season, UCLA has announced that they have fired head coach Jim Mora,... [Read More]
The Rams' Rob Havenstein was in perfectly fine position to block Danielle Hunter as he went to take down Jared Goff. But Havenstein's strength was... [Read More]
Perhaps tired of seeing Eli Manning's leadership of the New York offense come up dreadfully short, Giants coach Ben McAdoo called a toss for running... [Read More]
You knew this was coming. Just as sure as you were that President Trump would take credit for three shoplifting dipshits not being condemned to... [Read More]
Danny Dubidat plays for Alvechurch FC, way down in the "Northern Premier League Division One South," which is level eight on the massive English soccer... [Read More]
Kevin Draper of the New York Times has a really cool and fascinating look at the many rules and restrictions and customs that dictate the... [Read More]
There will probably never be much of a collection of YouTube game highlight videos from Ekpe Udoh's NBA career, unless Udoh makes one himself. He... [Read More]
The proper celebration for an empty net goal is usually just a sigh of relief. It means a player did everything he was supposed to... [Read More]
Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion... [Read More]
For exclusive videos, pictures, and more, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Send us your confidential tips at,... [Read More]
The things that sneak through at the end of 56-3 football games:... [Read More]
Michael Pittman Jr. went 72 yards for a punt return touchdown on a play that faked out UCLA and ABC/ESPN's camera operator as nearly every... [Read More]
Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion... [Read More]
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