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There are only a few out male gay Journalist anchors. Today there is one less. Mediaite has learned that MSNBC anchor Thomas... [Read More]
Answer: women no longer silent about sexual harassment and assault. Nasty women — "nasty" defined as "dreadful."  Women are altering Margaret Atwood's famous quote "Men are afraid ... [Read More]
I was out and about today, and I caught a little NPR piece on the radio that said that "Saturday Night" is a phrase found... [Read More]
So yeah, some stuff has changed. A big theme is that I'm now a lot more bullish on a lot of suburban seats. All seats... [Read More]
So far, it hasn't been all that bad.  I am deep cleaning the boat one area at a time, I have it looking a lot... [Read More]
How can so many say the well-being of innocent children/human beings is the most important in this country and world—and then ignore/remain silent when it comes to the innocent human beings Americans are taking every day?... [Read More]
Back in the 1980s, the first time I ate Thanksgiving with my late wife's family, I was introduced to this unusual dessert. It's not exactly... [Read More]
Time for the latest installment in the decreasingly frequent mash-up diary series of the opera diaries tied to the Metropolitan Opera's HD-casts, originally started by... [Read More]
L. Ron Hubbard said: "You don't get rich writing science fiction, If you want to get rich, you start a religion". And then he founded Scientology... [Read More]
Thirteen months ago, the credible allegations of 15 women against Donald Trump were lost in a cloud of bogus email controversies, Breitbart-created and NY Times-abetted Clinton Foundation non-scandals,... [Read More]
I wonder how many RWNJs' heads will explode when they find out about this. This came from the recent Wal-Mart ad, and... [Read More]
A Place for All to Come Together and Discuss the Day's Events! 70+ million who voted against him. We are the majority. Our voices... [Read More]
My best friend was so incensed by the political race in her town ... she bought a bullhorn! Burien, WA sits in the southern end of King County, home... [Read More]
In the 2.5 years since I put this video together about who the real job creators are, and why, there have been some changes.  However these... [Read More]
Ever wonder where Trump supporters get their non-factual ideas?  Here's one, admittedly fairly small example.  Salena Zito, a New York Post columnist, has a column... [Read More]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the state's legislature rammed through Act 10, which directly attacked union rights for public workers, in 2011. Now... [Read More]
He said that on his radio show but I cant find the audio.  Is it floating around somewhere? [Read More]
Special Edition!! WOW2  is a twice-monthly   sister blog to   This Week in the War on Women ,  but this is a Special... [Read More]
The attempts of Ivanka to brand herself as a Martha Stewart only reveals the failure of her father's Nouveau Riche parenting, much ... [Read More]
Politically today, our country has two major problems. (1) We have a Health Care system that is not in the top 25... [Read More]
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