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Mojo Friday's Weekly Open Thread This is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. ... [Read More]
Look Kim. I want to solve this too. You're right it is ridiculous. But when your own Mother says "If you don't like that what... [Read More]
US CPA  services is a five star rated tax preparation firm located in California  which is suited to cater to all the requirements of a... [Read More]
right now the inbreds are trying to kill me and man are they running out of ideas or something. but they are... [Read More]
In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, as well as 2018, "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" published profiles of Art Robinson, the former Chairman of the Republican... [Read More]
Kris Kobach, failed candidate for Governor and current Republican candidate for US Senate dropped a doozy tonight on CNN, telling Chris Cuomo that he could... [Read More]
Jake Johnson at Common Dreams writes— If Trump Wants to 'Talk About Our Missiles,' Says Iranian Foreign Minister, US Must Stop Pouring Theirs Into Middle... [Read More]
His MySpace account will be certainly busy. more likely he has an account on VKontakte. If he can still fundraise, will he be selling more... [Read More]
Welp, it is Toosdai and so the day for some srs mischiefery with a mashery of Ogden Nashery (illustrated)! Srsly. Let's see what today is and if we have Ogden's... [Read More]
Heard on the radio today that Johnny Clegg, from the bands Juluka, Savuka, and solo work has passed on. Same age as me. Sigh. ... [Read More]
Guest: Politico's Alice Ollstein; Also: House votes to condemn Trump 'racism'; Dem Rep. to introduce Articles of Impeachment... As a chaotic vote... [Read More]
Some of us still have yarn, but since it's Shark Week, CNN decided that they would represent the "very fine people on both sides" and... [Read More]
Yes, I know that progressives should not be acting like accountants and worrying about money and fundraising, but we live in a corrupt campaign finance... [Read More]
I know I don't need to explain where I was last week- simply saying NN19 probably is sufficient. I've been to all fourteen Yearly Kos/Netroots... [Read More]
In the interest of interjecting a little more lightheartedness into our lives, here is an offering. Do I think what I describe here... [Read More]
The only I know for sure that's supposed to happen Thursday is the judge's ruling on Jeffrey Epstein's bail hearing. But knowing that's coming, you... [Read More]
Sometimes an observation from elsewhere is illuminating.  Sometimes, not :) Today I read this blow by blow on the lead up to... [Read More]
Oh lovely.  Pelosi and Mnuchin have a budget proto-deal. The media have been busy with other things, you know,... [Read More]
As we all know, Trump made some racist tweets against four congresswomen who happen to be women of color who are seeking to raise their... [Read More]
politicalwire.com www.reuters.com/… Donald Trump's support rose 5% among Republicans after he made comments widely considered racist about four Democratic... [Read More]
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