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Happy Birthday! [Read More]
Gorgeous... [Read More]
'The conversation was long, friendly and it touched on many questions'... [Read More]
A wild inconsistency... [Read More]
Anti-ICE Activists, Communists Protest Home Of Detention Center Warden... [Read More]
She wasn't finished with Beto either. [Read More]
'People do not like going after a guy for what he did in high school'... [Read More]
It looks great... [Read More]
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte hosted a white privilege workshop where only nine students reportedly showed up—despite 30,000 students enrolled at the school.... [Read More]
Survived by '8 million suffering New Yorkers'... [Read More]
So, they've stopped selling a product that didn't sell very well and are concentrating on the ones that do, namely their handguns. That's about as... [Read More]
It's a great move... [Read More]
'None of these lunatic ideas by any of these Democrat presidential wannabe candidates will work.'... [Read More]
He's an icon... [Read More]
He was a star player... [Read More]
Cam Newton won't be suited up for the Carolina Panthers when they play the Cardinals on Sunday. According to Adam Schefter, the team's starting quarterback... [Read More]
'Thoughts and prayers are not enough'... [Read More]
'To answer my own question on if we should ban guns, the answer is: HELL NO!'... [Read More]
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'Reviewed and signed'... [Read More]
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