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Write to the sunshine... [Read More]
In his interview with Nicolle Wallace, Andrew McCabe reveals some brand new (to us) aspects of his firing that stink to high heaven. [Read More]
First Amendment rights are irrelevant when one's right to be racist are infringed upon. Or is it really a service to Donald Trump, who hates... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson's unaired interview with economist Rutger Bregman is amazing, profane, and a window into how he really feels. [Read More]
Christopher Hasson, Coast Guard Lieutenant and avowed white nationalist was arrested for planning a domestic terrorist attack on a massive scale. He also targeted cable... [Read More]
Avowed white nationalist Christopher Hasson was arrested last week with many guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, a hit list, and hopes to carry out... [Read More]
During a first-rate interview with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace fired Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told her he had seen the original 4-page letter firing Comey.... [Read More]
higher taxes. LYNCH EVERYONE IN WASHINGTON, D.C.! Don't worry, though, he's not talking about BLACK people...he wants to lynch the "ruling class" of the... [Read More]
On Tuesday's The Daily Show, Trevor Noah poked fun at how Fox News will gin up a scandal for each of the dozens of Democratic... [Read More]
Hannity had a hissy fit - claimed our Constitution will "be shredded" if new AG Barr doesn't investigate Hillary, the FISA warrants and FISA judges. [Read More]
"For every half a degree of warming, we're expected to see a increase in conflicts," author David Wallace-Wells said. [Read More]
Fox Host Jeanine Pirro ran against Hillary Clinton for NY Senate in 2016. She still hasn't filed FEC paperwork or settled her campaign debt. [Read More]
Disinformation campaigns from the 2018 midterms appear to be back to create division, chaos and confusion — targeting candidates for the Democratic Party 2020 nomination. [Read More]
Devin Nunes knew all along about the FBI's investigations into Trump. [Read More]
Andrew McCabe told 'Morning Joe' that after he fully briefed the Gang of Eight, which included Sen. Richard Burr and Rep. Devin Nunes about Trump's... [Read More]
Kellyanne Conway falls head first into the "Is that the house you robbed?" trap. [Read More]
While Fox News desperately distracts from former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe's revelations about Donald Trump, which should trigger a real national emergency, let's be... [Read More]
On the subject of Andrew McCabe, Republicans have found the magic word: Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, vowed on... [Read More]
Dan Coats testified before Congress in January, giving answers which contradicted many of Trump's off-the-wall claims about North Korea and ISIS. Now it's being reported... [Read More]
Asked if he thinks Trump is a Russian asset, former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe says, "It's possible." [Read More]
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