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Some of the asskickings unleashed by ancient empires were so mind-boggling, the Earth still hasn't recovered. [Read More]
The stuff they say about time travel is right. You go back in time and change one little thing, and suddenly the future is full... [Read More]
Next time your balls are being tased by the police, blame it on books. [Read More]
Sometimes, for wacky historical reasons, a single country will take over something no one would expect. [Read More]
Patriotism, sex and money. People will use any reason to create a tradition. Especially the sex part. [Read More]
As long as you keep reading the BS, we'll consider our duty to take care of that intellectual booty. [Read More]
Some claims are so insane that we're amazed anyone could've filed them with a straight face. [Read More]
From entitled douchebags looking to hook up to a game show based on musical chairs, April is the kind of month that lets us know... [Read More]
If yours is listed here, it doesn't mean you're not terrible. It means there are more of you. [Read More]
These prizes are LAME. [Read More]
Hating Trump or Clinton doesn't really qualify you as a political refugee. [Read More]
Bad news dweebs, consider this column the shitty popcorn ball in your bag of candy. With any luck, it will spoil your favorite holiday just... [Read More]
Chillax, dudes. [Read More]
Most of them are embarrassing, shameful and possibly even incriminating but he does it all without a hint of judgment because Uncle Frank knows, perhaps... [Read More]
When it comes to fictional names, their main power is being able to spoil your favorite films harder and faster than 'Rosebud McItwashissled.'... [Read More]
I was in the bar the other morning and noticed that the closed captions for comedy shows either don't match the original script or leave... [Read More]
Lawyers get the short end of the stick. [Read More]
Banks make it really hard to like them, and they do whatever they can to exploit their position in the shadiest ways imaginable. [Read More]
While Hollywood's top action stars are very skilled at wearing tuxedos and chatting with TV hosts, credit for their craziest onscreen shenanigans belongs to the... [Read More]
Some of the effects we have on Mother Nature are much less obvious and very, very weird. [Read More]
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