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A federal judge granted class certification to drivers claiming Uber's new pricing model shortchanges them by charging an "upfront" fee based on estimated rather than... [Read More]
A group of HIV-positive plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against pharmacy giant CVS and its subsidiaries in federal court Friday, claiming that the company's... [Read More]
Proving that officials intentionally sought to suppress conservative speech at the University of California Berkeley last year won't be easy, despite a vague policy that... [Read More]
A federal grand jury on Friday indicted a 32-year-old Texas man accused of carrying out a five-day, 2 million-email attack on the Los Angeles County... [Read More]
A state ethics commission formally charged former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber with 10 counts of using his state contacts to benefit his fiancée's consulting firm. ... [Read More]
A case touching on the freedom of the press to report at southern border ports crossed into the Ninth Circuit on Friday, as civil rights... [Read More]
The teen who tossed firecrackers into a forested ravine above a heavily populated hiking trail agreed Friday to a plea deal involving five years of... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Friday announced the nominations of five new United States attorneys to positions in states across the country. [Read More]
In a lawsuit filed Thursday, a General Electric investor seeks to hold former CEO Jeff Immelt and the company's board of directors individually responsible for... [Read More]
In a turbulent morning for the Turkish press, one court in Istanbul condemned six journalists to life in prison Friday while another ordered the release... [Read More]
Former New Mexico state Senator Phil Griego will spend 18 months behind bars and pay more than $47,000 in fines for bribery, fraud, and misuse... [Read More]
How would humans react if we made contact with aliens? Pretty well, researchers say. [Read More]
The Interior Department announced Friday that the sale of leases on 77.3 million acres off the Southeast coast for oil and gas exploration will occur... [Read More]
The lotto winner hoping to preserve her anonymity need not worry about lost interest on her half-billion-dollar jackpot after the New Hampshire Lottery Commission agreed Thursday... [Read More]
A conservative legal group in Wisconsin brought a lawsuit against a Democratic state representative, claiming he violated the state's open-records law by refusing to provide... [Read More]
Bringing the first indictment directly related to Russian election meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russian individuals and... [Read More]
The FBI acknowledged Friday that if failed to act on a tip in January that accused Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz owned a firearm and might... [Read More]
Housing starts, which track new residential construction, jumped by 9.7 percent in January to the highest level since October 2006, the Commerce Department said Friday. [Read More]
A Brussels court warned Facebook to expect daily fines if it does not comply with an order to stop collecting data about Belgians, a newspaper... [Read More]
The Fifth Circuit on Thursday heard Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office defend his state's foster child-care system by saying that attorneys for the class... [Read More]
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