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Stanford University offers class on how to solve real-world military complexities from defense personnel's point of view... [Read More]
Back in January, the FDA has finally acknowledged that some pacemakers and other cardiac devices are vulnerable to hacking. But how vulnerable are they, exactly... [Read More]
DHS Secretary John Kelly said the US 'might' extend the ban of laptops in cabins on all international flights. The TSA 'likely will' make travelers... [Read More]
If you visited a Chipotle in Charleston County this past March or April, you may want to check your bank account. [Read More]
An old, unsolved problem with non-Roman characters in domain names raises it head again, but you can deter it. [Read More]
Code embedded in hardware has vulnerabilities and it's harder to patch. That will make it a target for hackers. [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes CNN: U.S. senators want people to hack the Department of Homeland Security. On Thursday, Senators Maggie Hassan, a Democrat and... [Read More]
Tech-savvy teenagers are being hired straight from school by companies staging "hack off" competitions.Bosses are seeking to protect themselves from cyberattac... [Read More]
Meanwhile, ABC News is reporting Friday night that the FBI summoned Don Junior and Eric Trump to an emergency meeting in New York to inform... [Read More]
NEWS ANALYSIS: Security software experts say new waves WannaCry-like ransomware attacks are sure to come as the malware continues to evolve and use new tactics. [Read More]
Check Point Software says it found that more than 40 Android applications belonging to a Korean company were involved in one of the largest ad... [Read More]
The four major makers aren't properly securing critical cardiac devices, report says. [Read More]
Tweeting your way to the top; AI hacker on line one; In the future, the computer disappears. [Read More]
Read more about EVM hackathon: Only NCP to participate in hacking challenge, says EC on Business Standard. After Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, the BSP and... [Read More]
Rep Tom Graves (R-GA) advocates for a controversial bill to allow victims of cyber crime to turn the tables on attackers. [Read More]
Pirates probably didn't pilfer the new Johnny Depp movie after all, Disney CEO Bob Iger said Thursday. [Read More]
"The CPI, CPI(M), BJP and RLD expressed their interest to observe (the challenge)," he said. [Read More]
Lawyer for Karim Baratov says he wants to take his client to the U.S. if he can get him released from custody in Canada. [Read More]
Where the hacker hoodie stereotype came from. [Read More]
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