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While poverty and food insecurity might seem to some like inner-city issues, data from the census shows they aren't. Since 2010, the poverty rate has... [Read More]
LANCASTER — Lancaster streets are starting to sport wheeled trash carts on garbage pickup days, not the heaped trash bags that used to line curbs.The city of nearly 40,000 residents... [Read More]
In January 2017, Columbus police, responding to a report of a man trying to set a car on fire on the West Side, found the... [Read More]
A workshop that pulled together central Ohio dentists and orthopedic surgeons to discuss responsible antibiotic use is being hailed by a federal expert as a... [Read More]
France was favored to win the World Cup on Sunday, but many at Fado Irish Pub were rooting for the "little guy," Croatia."Everybody loves an... [Read More]
Croatia has leveled the score in the World Cup final against France at 1-1 on a goal from Ivan Perisic in the 28th minute.Domagoj Vida... [Read More]
The best advice former Washington Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs received was from his late father, who was also a onetime NFL player."Football is a platform... [Read More]
  Entrepreneur Juan Pablo Segura volunteered for several years at a summer camp for kids with neuromuscular disease. He was sharing a beer after the fourth... [Read More]
The Indians fought back from an early deficit to tie the score but ultimately lost to the New York Yankees 5-4 on a two-error disaster... [Read More]
The kids couldn't be stopped.Bubble wrap laid out on the floor burst in loud pops under the tires of kids zooming by in motorized cars... [Read More]
Later this year if we're lucky, some groundwork laid in Columbus this past week could help to steady a precarious national house of cards known... [Read More]
I'm writing in response to the Tuesday letter titled "Wrestlers were not abused at Ohio State." It was extremely disheartening to see a response that... [Read More]
It seems not a month goes by that I don't read or watch a news report about a home that has exploded because of a... [Read More]
Cardboard boats ready to set sail in West ChesterHandmade cardboard boats will take to the water during the Crazy Cardboard Boat Regatta on Saturday.The event,... [Read More]
Smart phones, smart cars and, coming soon, smart hospitals.Emerging technologies are being used to improve the quality and efficiency of everything these days, including patient... [Read More]
Courtney Barnett's 90 minute set opened with a relaxed tone Saturday night in the sold out Newport Music Hall, despite her song "Hopefulessness's" weighty subject... [Read More]
Few writers capture the characters of ordinary people so fully, yet so economically, as Anne Tyler.Through a long roster of novels, most set in contemporary... [Read More]
A monument to American unity stands at the heart of this Southern city in the Blue Ridge Mountains."ONE PEOPLE," proclaims the memorial on Morgan Square... [Read More]
Trevor Wiley was tired of the hunt.He was tired of competing against a dozen other buyers and being outbid for homes. He was tired of... [Read More]
A big bowl of water plopped on your front porch will not impress guests or neighbors.But a bowl with a few thoughtfully arranged aquatic plants... [Read More]
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