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The Canadian government said on Wednesday that it would take steps to counter any potential threats following a report saying workers at Montreal's airport had... [Read More]
Hundreds of officers from departments across the nation and Canada came to Central Wisconsin Wednesday to pay respects to fallen Everest Metro Police Detective Jason... [Read More]
Leamington firefighters are battling a massive fire at Point Pelee National Park. [Read More]
Usually, when the fans roar for Brooke Henderson on her first tee shot here at the ANA Inspiration, it's because she's Canadian with snowbirds flocking... [Read More]
There's nothing wrong with the opposition opposing, but sabotaging goes too far. Just ask Brown's co-oppositionists. [Read More]
Ford Motor Co will announce on Thursday production of a new engine in the Canadian province of Ontario, two sources familiar with the matter... [Read More]
On Saturday Syncrude Canada celebrates 25 years of discovering dinosaur fossils in its mines. [Read More]
Grade 11 and 12 students from several public schools were a little repulsed as they learned how to carve up a pig. [Read More]
John McCallum, Canada's new ambassador to Beijing, signalled that Canada is charting a very different, more open and liberalized course with Beijing. [Read More]
Ford Motor Co will announce on Thursday production of a new engine in the Canadian province of Ontario, two sources familiar with the matter said,... [Read More]
Nolan Crouse, mayor of St. Albert, announced his decision to drop out on his website Wednesday. [Read More]
Learning they would have chance to play for country an emotional experience for players. [Read More]
They might look like a Mutt and Jeff combo, but their skills are remarkably similar. [Read More]
After her aunt used a barbecue lighter to burn her tongue as punishment for failing to turn in a school project, the niece said, she... [Read More]
Massachusetts has done it. So have Maine, Colorado, Washington, California and a handful of other states. Canada plans to do it in 2018. More states... [Read More]
Ontario's police watchdog says no charges are warranted against a Kingston Police Service officer who chased a vehicle that plunged into Lake Ontario last year,... [Read More]
Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch would not have attended an activist meeting in Brampton, Ont., this week if she had known a group of anti-Islamic... [Read More]
After their involvement in the biggest mistake in Oscar history, PwC accountants won't be allowed to have their cellphones backstage during future telecasts. [Read More]
Large companies including Google and Air Canada are sponsoring the Vector Institute, which intends to retain and repatriate the AI talent Canada is already producing. [Read More]
Estrada will pitch in the season opener against Baltimore next Monday — a job any of Toronto's five starters could have handled... [Read More]
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