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At the end of last year, nearly 3,000 children were being housed in rows of small brown tents on this site just a few yards... [Read More]
A recent spate of North Korean missile launches involving a potential new missile have rankled America's regional allies, but have received little criticism from the... [Read More]
The US Customs and Border Protection computer system was returning to normal Friday evening after a two-hour outage led to long lines at some airports..... [Read More]
Liverpool is facing a possible goalkeeping crisis this weekend after back-up keeper Adrian was injured in a bizarre incident with an overenthusiastic fan.. Get the... [Read More]
A Pokémon Go player had to have a chat with law enforcement for taking the game's "Gotta catch 'em all" motto a little too seriously..... [Read More]
Traditional retailers have a problem: Heading to the store isn't as convenient as buying on a phone or computer. So top companies are trying to... [Read More]
Barricaded inside his home, surrounded by SWAT teams in an hourslong standoff in Philadelphia, suspect Maurice Hill called the one person he felt he could... [Read More]
Arizona GOP Sen. Martha McSally plans to introduce legislation next month that would make domestic terrorism a punishable federal crime, an effort that aims to... [Read More]
Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick -- who became a lightning rod in 2016 when he refused to stand during the National Anthem to... [Read More]
Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, who is considering mounting a challenge to President Donald Trump in 2020, warns of a looming financial crisis... [Read More]
Huawei has a plan B to help protect its global smartphone business from the US-China trade war. But it's incredibly risky.. Get the latest Yuma... [Read More]
Police swarmed a North Philadelphia neighborhood where six officers were wounded Wednesday in a gun battle and standoff with a gunman, a federal law enforcement... [Read More]
It looks like Four Loko is joining the crowded hard seltzer market.. Get the latest Yuma and Imperial Valley news, sports and weather from KYMA,... [Read More]
The owner of an Arizona gun store says a back-to-school advertisement criticized by some customers for invoking the idea of a school shooting was not... [Read More]
Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala and his pilot were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide inside the cockpit of their plane before it crashed into... [Read More]
Mike Tyson isn't shy about his love for marijuana.. Get the latest Yuma and Imperial Valley news, sports and weather from KYMA, KSWT, KECY and... [Read More]
The Kremlin broke its silence Tuesday on the apparent explosion of a nuclear-powered cruise missile during a test, saying that accidents "happen" but that Russia... [Read More]
Jay-Z's Roc Nation and the NFL announced Tuesday that they have entered into a multiyear partnership "to enhance the NFL's live game experiences and to... [Read More]
The US military announced Tuesday that a US contractor was killed in Iraq Saturday during an incident that also resulted in the death of a... [Read More]
Stocks rose just after the opening bell Tuesday, erasing an early deficit after the U.S. government reported a bigger uptick in a key measure of... [Read More]
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