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A petition calling for Brexit to be canceled through the revocation of Article 50 — the legal process for leaving the European Union — reached... [Read More]
1. Brexit delayed: The European Union has given the United Kingdom a two-week reprieve on Brexit. EU leaders have agreed that Britain will leave the... [Read More]
The European Union has agreed to a delay to the tortuous Brexit process that avoids the UK crashing out without a deal and throws one... [Read More]
A petition calling for the UK to revoke Article 50 -- the legal process for Britain to leave the European Union, which was posted on... [Read More]
1. Brexit fears: The pound is under pressure as Britain plunges deeper into Brexit chaos. The currency dropped 0.3% against the US dollar to trade... [Read More]
British Prime Minister Theresa May will ask for a short extension to the process of leaving the European Union. [Read More]
Theresa May will not request a long delay to Brexit from European leaders, Downing Street says. The embattled British Prime Minister will only ask for... [Read More]
President Donald Trump placed more pressure on the stalled trade talks with the European Union Wednesday, threatening tariffs on European automobiles if no deal is... [Read More]
The European Union has hit Google with another big antitrust fine, the third in a series of billion-dollar penalties the US tech giant has faced... [Read More]
The European Union has hit Google with another big antitrust fine, the third in a series of billion-dollar penalties the US tech giant has faced... [Read More]
The European Union has hit Google with another big antitrust fine, the third in a series of billion-dollar penalties the US tech giant has incurred... [Read More]
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