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The president's insults on Twitter followed two interviews Friday in which Clinton took on Trump and the Republicans. [Read More]
A drug addict's ability to stop is "no different" than a diabetic whose body can't regulate insulin levels, says Shatterproof's Gary Mendell. [Read More]
Canadian Philip Baker, sentenced to 20 years in U.S. federal prison, gets a transfer home and eventually gets out of prison. [Read More]
Racing is far from cheap, NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, Kevin Harvick, and Martin Truex Jr. told CNBC on Tuesday. [Read More]
According to one strategist, there will be two clear winners of the current GOP tax plan. [Read More]
CNBC reviews Google's new Pixel Bud, which are supposed to let you translate languages but fail pretty miserably. [Read More]
Lockheed's strategy is aimed at silencing critics and snagging more orders, as well as helping it win a key Navy contract. [Read More]
The sequel to Pixar's 2004 superhero film The Incredibles will bring back the super-powered Parr family, and will pick up immediately after the closing of... [Read More]
Believe in Yourself is a nonprofit on a mission to provide these young women a brand new dress for free and to empower themselves to... [Read More]
"The bond we had was unique and very special," says Angus Young, who started the rock band with his brother Malcolm. [Read More]
The Navy on Friday promised a probe into "obscene" skydrawings created by one of its aircrews and possible action. [Read More]
In an interview, we're always taught to keep things professional, but sometimes it's better to keep it real. Sharing a personal story can be very... [Read More]
Do you think you'll have 10 times your salary saved by the time you stop working? Here's why that figure isn't the best metric for... [Read More]
President Trump puts a decision to allow imports of elephant trophies on hold after a torrent of criticism. [Read More]
Golden State Warrior star Steph Curry recently partnered with online educational platform MasterClass. [Read More]
The Harvard-Yale football game most likely is the largest gathering of the world's present and future richest and most powerful people, says Jake Novak. [Read More]
Saad al-Hariri, who resigned as Lebanon's prime minister while in Saudi Arabia, arrived in Paris on Saturday as part of French mediation efforts. [Read More]
Discovery shares have taken a beating since it announced a merger with Scripps, but Liberty Media Chairman John Malone called it a buying opportunity. [Read More]
Jim Cramer caught up with Applied Materials President and CEO Gary Dickerson about his company's role in artificial intelligence and big data. [Read More]
Jim Cramer talked bitcoin, allergies, millennials and more to see how executives are shaping their businesses to meet the needs of modern consumers. [Read More]
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