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"48 Hours" has covered the murder of A-list fashion writer Christa Worthington, murdered on Cape Cod, for nearly 16 years; now the man convicted of... [Read More]
Judge William O'Neill posted Friday that he had "sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females" during his life and mentioned several encounters... [Read More]
In May 2016, Richardson, Texas police detectives Chiron Hale and Eric Willadsen initially arrested Jason Lowe on a drug charge. They then questioned him... [Read More]
Hal and Jesse Kant's memorabilia collection includes signed artwork by the band's late leader, Jerry Garcia, and backstage passes from concerts spanning 30 years... [Read More]
"48 Hours" has covered the murder of A-list fashion writer Christa Worthington, murdered on Cape Cod, for nearly 16 years; now the man convicted of... [Read More]
Ann Wedgeworth appeared on Broadway, in several soap operas and found success in Hollywood in the early '70s before landing the "Three's Company" role... [Read More]
Some have denounced Adams as a terrorist while others hail him as a peacemaker... [Read More]
Religious leaders speak out against Roy Moore; The Museum of the Bible opens in D.C. [Read More]
While some religious leaders have rallied behind Moore, others say Moore's alleged unwanted sexual advances and assaults only add to his unfitness... [Read More]
Evangelical leaders gathered in Birmingham and said they rejected Moore, even before the latest allegations... [Read More]
"We're not a bunch of idiots out here. We're not a bunch of hillbillies and hill jacks," one former miner said... [Read More]
The Museum of the Bible opened to the public on Saturday in Washington D.C, blocks away from the Capitol Building. Chip Reid has more on... [Read More]
Leaders of Zimbabwe's ruling party are said to be making plans to oust longtime President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe will be meeting with military leaders who... [Read More]
On "48 Hours," a father in Texas dreams that his daughter is killed and then she disappears. The father is convinced that the boyfriend has... [Read More]
Five people were killed when a gunman went on a rampage in the Northern California town of Rancho Tehama. Jamie Yuucas has more on the... [Read More]
The coal industry has lost more than 40 percent of its workforce in recent years. Out-of-work miners have had to find jobs in other fields.... [Read More]
With Alabama's special election just three weeks away, religious leaders rallied today against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. They took aim at Moore's moral character... [Read More]
President Trump has not been one to withhold his views, but he has been uncharacteristically quiet about Roy Moore. Errol Barnett has more. [Read More]
"We're not a bunch of idiots out here. We're not a bunch of hillbillies and hill jacks," one former miner said... [Read More]
The 67-year-old said earlier this year that he was struggling with memory loss​... [Read More]
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