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Nico Hischier, the first overall pick at this year's draft, broke a tie in the second period as the visiting New Jersey Devils downed the... [Read More]
A shooting by a Toronto police officer to stop a brutal and prolonged stabbing attack last week appears to be justified, says a former director... [Read More]
A handful of Canadian army combat engineers will soon be in Iraq to train local security forces in the finer points of detecting and defusing... [Read More]
Starter Jason Vargas and four relievers combined on a two-hit shutout as the Kansas City Royals topped the Toronto Blue Jays 1-0 on Thursday night. [Read More]
The provincial government says it will formally announce its intent to introduce legislation to allow individuals to change their designation on a birth certificate to... [Read More]
Old age is irrelevant at St. Pat's Bowling Lanes in St. John's, where four 90-year-old women are still getting together each week. [Read More]
Magna Structural Systems Inc. pleaded guilty after a worker suffered a permanent injury in 2015 at its foundry in Perth, Ont. [Read More]
A Syrian father who woke up to find graffiti on his fence telling him to leave Canada was beaten recently and says his children have... [Read More]
In the hours after a girl was struck in the face by an 105-mph ball Wednesday night, the game's commissioner vowed to push harder for... [Read More]
Quebec's Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) says it does not have enough evidence to pursue criminal charges in the 1991 death of a... [Read More]
From a town in North Ontario to the Red River Valley, the places, people and sounds that influenced the icon. [Read More]
Among the ruins of a Mexican school, a fist became a sign of hope. The raised fist: a signal to everyone to be quiet. Rescuers... [Read More]
The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls has sparked a review of unsolved homicide and missing-person files in Edmonton. [Read More]
Rookie Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew has revealed who will serve as critics for Manitoba's Official Opposition. [Read More]
France's Winter Olympics team will not travel to the 2018 Games in South Korea if its security cannot be guaranteed, French Sports Minister Laura Flessel... [Read More]
It appears the Joffrey Lupul saga with the Toronto Maple Leafs will have another chapter. According to a report on Thursday, Lupul will undergo an... [Read More]
Two women are breathing huge sighs of relief after finally hearing from their husbands who were stuck on the storm torn island of Dominica. [Read More]
K.J. Apa, 20, who plays Archie on the CW show Riverdale, was involved in a car crash last Thursday after working a 14-hour day on... [Read More]
She paid for the house, but she put it in his name to avoid paying the 15 per cent foreign buyers' tax. Now the relationship... [Read More]
Our steps count towards reducing premature deaths regardless of how they're accumulated, a large, global study affirms. [Read More]
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