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African leaders focus on economy and security as they address the United Nations General Assembly Several African leaders are attending the United Nations General Assembly... [Read More]
Here they go again. Despite the Republicans' control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, their internal divisions keep on frustrating their plans to... [Read More]
Last week, the Russian government-funded cable network RT announced that its American arm had been asked by the Justice Department to register under the Foreign Agents Registration... [Read More]
On September 5, President Trump announced his intention to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and called on Congress to pass a... [Read More]
The Worldwide Governance Indicators, which contribute to informing and quantifying the consensus that good governance is a vital ingredient in development, were updated on September... [Read More]
Click on the links or on the charts to go to the full research. NAFTA NATIONS ARE AMERICA'S LARGEST TRADING PARTNERS Amid renegotiations... [Read More]
Last week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its annual Global Human Capital Report. The report is based on the Global Human Capital index, which... [Read More]
Amazon's request for proposals (RFP) for a second headquarters complex continues to rivet city lovers, economic development leaders, and the site selection crowd (and its... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
Tim Edgar, former ACLU lawyer and National Security Council advisor on cybersecurity, and current senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs,... [Read More]
Stuart Butler and Carmen Diaz look at the role nurses can play as intermediaries between health care institutions and community organizations. [Read More]
Indermit Gill analyzes the driving factors behind the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. [Read More]
Following Kenya's August 8 presidential election, which resulted in incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta claiming a majority of the vote, the country's supreme court declared the... [Read More]
Matthew Fiedler and Loren Adler estimate that the Graham-Cassidy legislation would reduce the number of people with insurance coverage by around 22 million each year... [Read More]
President Trump and his administration have devoted roughly as much time and attention to the Asia-Pacific as have previous administrations. Nevertheless, a perception is emerging... [Read More]
Iraq's Kurdistan region will hold a referendum on Kurdish independence next week, which has been met with varying degrees of resistance from both the region... [Read More]
In a new report from the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, researchers look at access and subscription to wireline broadband Internet in the largest 100... [Read More]
Obamacare repeal is, once again, back on the congressional agenda, thanks to a final push to pass a proposal authored by Senators Bill Cassidy (R-La.)... [Read More]
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