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Ex-DMV worker New York Gov. Cuomo ignored sex assault claims - National News Democratic New York Gov. [Read More]
It was the Owen Garrard show at Fitzpatrick Stadium Saturday morning as he scored five touchdowns to pace Scarborough past Windham 57-0 in... [Read More]
Matthew Stone's excellent piece in the November 14 Bangor Daily News  titled: How Maine Hurt Public Education by Trying to Reform It highlights the trouble school... [Read More]
Details are limited at this time. [Read More]
Shula Bowl blowout FAU crushes FIU for 9th straight victory - Sports Jason Driskel threw four touchdown passes, completing 18 of 25 for 239 yards,... [Read More]
The Marshwood Hawks ended their high school football season as it began, by putting on a prolific scoring exhibition in a victory against the same... [Read More]
The tour featured classic hits and music from his latest album Wonderful Crazy Night. [Read More]
Class 'A' Championship... [Read More]
The Old Town municipal airport offered tours to meet local pilots and the staff of the airport. [Read More]
The 3rd annual Burpees for Turkeys took place at Wilcox Wellness and Fitness in Bangor. Folks would have to complete one burpee for every... [Read More]
For Husson football the expectations were clear heading into 2017. Win an NCAA Tournament game. After dominating the regular seas... [Read More]
University Professor sexually harassed grad student on trip - National News Boston University says it has found evidence that a geology professor sexually harassed a... [Read More]
The University of Maine men's basketball team dropped their 3 straight game of the young season in the semi-finals at the Mohegan Sun Arena area... [Read More]
Moore critic Alabama Senate race a battle for nation's soul - National News A leading figure among religious liberals says the candidacy of Roy Moore... [Read More]
The Latest Detroit priest beatified by Catholic church - National News The Latest on the beatification of the Rev. Solanus Casey, a late Detroit priest... [Read More]
NIreland Sinn Fein leader to step down after over 30 years - National News Gerry Adams has announced that he plans to step down as... [Read More]
The weapons perhaps most familiar to Maine high school football fans were devastating enough as Wells High School pursued its second straight state championship Saturday.... [Read More]
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