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Image 2 of 27 from gallery of Rental House in Wellin / Jahnke-Ledant Architects. Courtesy of Jahnke-Ledant Architects... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Wellin, Belgium. Originally 3 separate structures, this 18-person rental house has been stitched together by interlocking voids.  The connection of public... [Read More]
Image 1 of 39 from gallery of 3 Townhouses in Balmain / Shed Architects + Terence Yong. Courtesy of Terrence Yong... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Balmain, Australia. Compact Our idea is to create three townhouses with security parking (the original brief) that are contemporary and exciting... [Read More]
Clean-Air Claro® is a coated finish formulated to provide acoustical transparency, specially designed for ceilings and interior wall panels. [Read More]
Image 2 of 29 from gallery of Apartment on Lincoln Street / YOOLOPP. Photograph by Omri Amsalem... [Read More]
In celebration of Paulo Mendes da Rocha's 89th birthday, we take a look at "PMR 29': Twenty-Nine Minutes with Paulo Mendes da Rocha", directed by... [Read More]
Image 2 of 17 from gallery of MillÃ... [Read More]
The silent film 'The Skyscrapers of New York' includes real footage of construction work from the early 20th century. [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Images by Omri Amsalem. The project: a renewal of an old 70 sq. m flat in the center... [Read More]
Image 2 of 15 from gallery of Oscar Niemeyer's "Favorite Project in Europe" Captured in Spectacular Photo Set by Karina Castro. Â... [Read More]
SPACE10—IKEA's external future-living lab—has started researching and designing co-living concepts as a potential solution to rapid urbanization. [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Ghent, Belgium. Images by Wim Heylen. The terraced house is located in a housing project from '58 in Wondelgem, Belgium. The... [Read More]
Image 2 of 18 from gallery of House HC / Wim Heylen. Photograph by Wim Heylen... [Read More]
Completed in 2016 in Paris, France. Images by Michel DenancÃ... [Read More]
In this animated video by Al Boardman, Jonathan Glancey tells the 10,000-year history of the quest for the ideal city. [Read More]
Image 2 of 37 from gallery of Deaconry Bethanien / e2a. Photograph by Rasmus Norlander... [Read More]
For Mondadori's headquarters, Niemeyer adapted his design for the Itamaraty Palace. He later said it was his favorite of the buildings he completed in Europe. [Read More]
Image 2 of 11 from gallery of Smart Home / Green Sheep Collective. Photograph by Emma Cross... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Zürich, Switzerland. Images by Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Rasmus Norlander, Georg Aerni. The plane-like building volume can be interpreted as a solitary gesture.... [Read More]
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