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Image 2 of 15 from gallery of Constructing the Curriculum: William McDonough's Cradle to Cradle Building to Inspire the Next Generation. Photograph by William McDonough... [Read More]
Image 2 of 17 from gallery of Mt Pleasant Home / Cymon Allfrey Architects. Photograph by Stephen Goodenough... [Read More]
Image 4 of 20 from gallery of 20 Amazing Images of Architecture as Seen from the Sky: The Best Photos of the Week. Â... [Read More]
Designed by William McDonough + Partners. Tackling the widespread issue of climate change, Universidad EAN (UEAN) in Bogotá, Colombia illustrates the same construction philosophy taught to... [Read More]
Image 2 of 15 from gallery of Chipster Blister House / AUM architecture. Photograph by Erick Saillet... [Read More]
Completed in 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Images by Stephen Goodenough. This home is sited in a semi-rural environment, high on a spur of Christchurch's... [Read More]
Image 2 of 19 from gallery of Meet the Mobile Dwelling Space Named B.O.B.. Â... [Read More]
This week's best photographs feature images of buildings seen from above. Enabled by drones, these images give a new perspective on architecture. [Read More]
Image 2 of 25 from gallery of PETRA. The Stone Atelier / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Photograph by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Lyon, France. Images by Erick Saillet. The Chipster Blister House is born from the collaboration between a couple with 3 children... [Read More]
A design-build project, the Backyard Office Box (B.O.B.) is a kit of parts which, when put together, create a 150-square-foot dwelling space. [Read More]
The 2nd Chicago Architecture Biennial is rich in playfulness and visual appeal, but lacks a cohesive consciousness—and that's ok with me, says Tom Ravenscroft. [Read More]
Image 2 of 27 from gallery of Horizon / VOIS Architects. Photograph by Athina Souli... [Read More]
Petra The Stone Atelier is a space in which three activities live together. On the one hand, it is an exhibition space for the company... [Read More]
Completed in 2012 in Paros, Greece. Images by Erieta Attali, Athina Souli. The summer house was designed by VOIS architects in 2012. The name, "H_orizon",... [Read More]
Image 2 of 26 from gallery of The Exchange / Oyler Wu Collaborative. Courtesy of Oyler Wu Collaborative... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Columbus, United States. The Exchange sits within the plaza adjacent to the Irwin Conference Center by Eero Saarinen (formerly the Irwin... [Read More]
Image 2 of 17 from gallery of Resilient by Design Announces Ten Winners Set to Re-Imagine The Bay Area. [Read More]
Image 2 of 22 from gallery of The Grove Design Hotel / Laboratory of Architecture #3. Photograph by Nakanimamasakhlisi... [Read More]
Â... [Read More]
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