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Tropical Storm Maria strengthens in the Atlantic and threatens to bring more misery to the Leeward Islands. [Read More]
The US government has a number of major tasks that must be accomplished this month, including approving funds for the country's healthcare system and for... [Read More]
A photo round-up of some of last week's key events, including Tropical Storm Harvey, a bombing in Iraq and Eid al-Adha. [Read More]
Texas governor warns 'worst is not yet over' as more bodies are plucked from the floodwaters caused by tropical storm. [Read More]
Residents braced for more flooding as deadly tropical storm heads their way after remaining over Texas for days. [Read More]
US President heaps praise on rescue efforts to tropical storm Harvey as the death toll continues to rise. [Read More]
US officials say two dams near Houston have begun overspilling as tropical storm Harvey pushes reservoirs past capacity. [Read More]
More than 30,000 people expected to be placed in temporary shelters in the US state due to tropical storm. [Read More]
US disaster agency says 50 counties in Texas are affected by the flooding, as weather forecasters predict more rain. [Read More]
Rescue efforts under way in Houston as Tropical Storm Harvey brings catastrophic flooding to southern US state of Texas. [Read More]
Rescue efforts under way in Houston as Tropical Storm Harvey brings catastrophic flooding to southern US state of Texas. [Read More]
Many of those affected by the tropical storm Harvey in the US state of Texas are now assessing the damage. And some are even thinking... [Read More]
As tropical storm unleashes catastrophic floods, Houston residents and visitors are stranded in homes and hotels. [Read More]
US emergency chief says Harvey brought 'devastating disaster' in Houston and could be the worst to hit Texas. [Read More]
Storm weakens to tropical storm after slamming the US state with powerful winds, but worst destruction yet to come. [Read More]
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