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Saudi Arabia orders Snapchat to block Al Jazeera in latest move after Riyadh-led bloc imposed blockade on Qatar in June. [Read More]
Arms sales to Riyadh exceeds $8bn, while UK government receives just $40m of corporate tax, War Child report says. [Read More]
This week marks 100 days since four Arab states began a blockade against Qatar, sparking a diplomatic crisis. Saudi Arabia usually takes the lead in... [Read More]
Days after reported arrest of 20 preachers and scholars, activists accuse Riyadh of cracking down on more individuals. [Read More]
World Food Programme official says kingdom should fund 100 percent of the humanitarian needs in the war-torn country. [Read More]
More than half a million tourists from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are expected to summer in Uzungol. [Read More]
US president calls on Gulf countries to resolve Qatar dispute, in phone call with King Salman of Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia's decision to close its embassy in Doha stops many residents from performing the pilgrimage this year. [Read More]
Kingdom's policies in Yemen and Syria described as main hurdles to improving ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
Eid al-Adha holidays in 2017 range from 16 days in Saudi Arabia to three in Uganda. [Read More]
Central bank data suggests Saudi government may remain under pressure to draw reserves down to cover its budget deficit. [Read More]
Would Russia draw closer to Saudi Arabia and risk losing Iran? [Read More]
Saudi involvement in Yemen has further aggravated the humanitarian crisis, analysts say. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia officially declares Friday, September 1 the first day of Eid al-Adha 2017. [Read More]
By reaching out to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Shia leader is attempting to counterbalance Iran's influence in Iraq. [Read More]
For Saudi Arabia, talks with Iraq are attempt to build alliances with its Shia leaders, analysts say. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia had closed its land border with Qatar in June as part of an economic and political blockade. [Read More]
US President Donald Trump's administration says the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant group remains the biggest threat to religious freedom around the world. [Read More]
State secretary criticises countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China and Sudan in annual report as it slams ISIL. [Read More]
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