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A chronology of major bombings, gun violence, and vehicle attacks in Europe over the past year. [Read More]
Was the Kenyan election either free or fair? [Read More]
From leaders to footballers, many around the world condemn the attack in Las Ramblas area that killed 13 people. [Read More]
Accused of assaulting a model with an electric cable, police search for Zimbabwe's first lady to prevent her departure. [Read More]
Tarek Saab, known as a staunch government loyalist, replaced critic Ortega Diaz who denounced the 'siege' by troops. [Read More]
Another 13 people dead in Manila overnight after police raids and vigilante attacks as death toll rises. [Read More]
Pyongyang's state media denounces South Korean president's 'hypocrisy' over sanctions after first 100 days in office. [Read More]
Several 'terror' suspects killed in operation that came after a van attack in Barcelona that so far has left 13 dead. [Read More]
Activist Rasmea Odeh's US citizenship revoked for failing to disclose convictions in 1970 for bombings in Jerusalem. [Read More]
The US president is being widely criticised for his response to the Charlottesville white supremacist rally. [Read More]
Family, politicians and rights groups decry jailing of Ibrahim Halawa, who was 17 when arrested and faces death penalty. [Read More]
World condemns assault as 13 are killed and 80 injured after suspect rams vehicle into crowd gathered in busy area. [Read More]
Large crack appears on mountainside in Freetown as people asked to evacuate areas still under threat of mudslides. [Read More]
Pakistani-born Malala Yousafzai, shot by the Taliban for promoting girls' education, accepted by Oxford University. [Read More]
Refused abortion by Supreme Court, child repeatedly raped by uncle gives birth by Caesarean section. [Read More]
Far-right politician Pauline Henson wore face veil in parliament as part of campaign to ban the Islamic face veil. [Read More]
President adds fuel to fire by mourning loss of statues memorialising Confederate era amid Charlottesville fallout. [Read More]
Far-right politician Pauline Henson wore face veil in parliament as part of campaign to ban the Islamic face veil. [Read More]
Seventy years after the partition of India, we examine the troubled legacy of the event that shaped the subcontinent. [Read More]
Mankind may have worsened the conditions on the ground but is the weather worse anyway? [Read More]
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