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Thousands of people have flocked to the outskirts of Alindao, where they worry the calm may be fleeting. [Read More]
Riots break out in Thindpura village after Indian soldiers kill driver who was 'mistaken for a rebel', officials say. [Read More]
Lawyer says emails were acquired 'unlawfully', while Democrats discount argument as 'attempt to discredit Russia probe'. [Read More]
Islamic art reminds of a Muslim past that some of today's powers are trying to undo. [Read More]
The government worries that the vibrant economy could make congestion in the city centre even worse, hoping to replace the vehicles with public transport and... [Read More]
Suicide blast and gun attack on church in southwestern city of Quetta kills five people, hospital officials say. [Read More]
But how sustainable is Nepal's path towards the Beijing Consensus? [Read More]
Bolivia's opposition is fractured, and while the 58-year-old Evo Morales is less popular than he was, he still commands considerable support. [Read More]
Estimated 80,000 protesters call on US president to stop plan to move US embassy to Jerusalem, in largest rally to date. [Read More]
The Arab Bank chairman had been detained for questioning during a business trip to Riyadh. [Read More]
A new initiative celebrates Syrian refugees' positive impact in the South Caucasian nation's mono-ethnic society. [Read More]
The African National Congress has seen its popularity decline, particularly among younger voters, and deep divisions have emerged as the party looks for a new... [Read More]
After a shock first round, the race for Chile's presidency is "completely open", analysts say. [Read More]
Thousand of refugees risk crossing the Evros River, on the Turkish-Greek border, with fatal consequences. [Read More]
Relatives of crew members from missing vessels are demanding the search operation continues until it is found. [Read More]
The ruling ANC party in South Africa chooses a new leader who is likely to be the country's next president. [Read More]
Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is accused of accepting bribes from the Brazilian construction company. [Read More]
Austria's president says his country won't lurch to the right, despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far-right Freedom Party. [Read More]
The Kenyan academic passed away in the US at the age of 64, drawing emotional responses in Kenya and the world. [Read More]
Arab Bank chairman Sabih al-Masri detained for questioning during business trip to Saudi capital, family members say. [Read More]
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