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Iran 'explicitly conveyed' to Pakistan that it expects 'serious and decisive action' against Jaish al-Adl. [Read More]
Israeli authorities served the Abu Assab family eviction notice ordering them to vacate property by end of February. [Read More]
US President Donald Trump tells European leaders to 'take back' more than 800 ISIL fighters held in Syria. [Read More]
Israel shrinks tax payments to Palestinian authority equivalent to stipends paid to families of Palestinian attackers. [Read More]
The US special envoy for Syria has reassured allies that the withdrawal of American troops from the country will not be abrupt. [Read More]
Dozens injured and at least 200 homes destroyed in hours-long inferno, officials say. [Read More]
Analysts say Pakistan is treating Prince Mohammed's trip as the biggest state visit since Chinese President Xi in 2015. [Read More]
Although shipment of food and medical supplies remains stranded in Colombia, goods continue to cross the border on a daily basis. [Read More]
Kashmiris blame the ruling BJP for anti-Muslim sentiments after a suicide bomber killed 42 Indian security personnel. [Read More]
PM Morawiecki will not attend a Jerusalem summit after Benjamin Netanyahu suggested Polish complicity during Holocaust. [Read More]
India accused Islamabad of harbouring group that claimed deadly attack on army convoy in Indian-administered Kashmir. [Read More]
ISIL armed group claims responsibility for the deadly attack south of the provincial capital Arish. [Read More]
Israeli leader hands foreign ministry portfolio to fellow right-wing politician ahead of April 9 election. [Read More]
Shamima Begum, who fled to Syria to join ISIL in 2015, wants her baby boy to be raised in the UK. [Read More]
Shamima Begum, who fled to Syria to join ISIL in 2015, wants her baby boy to be raised in the UK. [Read More]
US president says Britain, France, Germany and other allies must prosecute more than 800 ISIL prisoners in custody. [Read More]
Is a new global order in the making under Putin's watch? [Read More]
Houthi fighters in Yemen say they have launched a major attack across the border with Saudi Arabia reportedly killing Saudi soldiers. [Read More]
Zarif addresses Israeli actions in the region, the US 'obsession' with Iran and EU efforts to save the nuclear deal. [Read More]
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